Colour By Nutrients – A Learning with Crayons book

Colour by Nutrients is the first in a series of educational colouring books by August Bassett and Amy Fibbitts.  Divided into chapters of different vitamins and minerals, the book illustrates which foods contain significant amounts of each.  Children will enjoy colouring in the nutritious foods whilst at the same time, without even trying, they’ll be learning where to get essential vitamins and minerals.  The authors are happy for teachers and parents to photocopy the colouring pages for use in the classroom.  All in all a delightful way to learn about nutrition.

Author:  August Bassett

Illustrator:  Amy Fibbitts

Genre:  Non-fiction.  Colouring Book.  Recommended for all ages.

Published:  8 July 2015 (second edition published April 2017)

Format:  Paperback (120 pages)

ISBN  978-1545497791

Dimensions:  20.3 x 0.7 x 25.4 cm

Available from Amazon and other booksellers and libraries.